Wednesday, January 31, 2007

McNaught Comet

Last night we went up to the City Hills to take a glimpse of the McNaught Comet which is skimming over the sounthern hemisphere at the moment. It has been clearly visible for a week but we have had cloud all week blocking the view. Last night it was all clear. The view of the comet could be seen with the naked eye. It seemed that half the city was there watching in their cars. I couldnt get a picture of it unfortunately but it was an interesting experience.

There are some pictures on Wikepedia if you want to check it out.

Monday, January 29, 2007

London or Paris?

I am beginning to think where my next holiday should be. I think it should be in Europe and two cities spring to mind. In fact i could visit both these cities. They are London and Paris!

London has that that feel of grandeur. That feel of aristocracy and ceremony. Paris on the other hand is romantic and stylish.

For me, Europe would be a 26 hour flight and that doesnt include any stopovers for refuelling or plane changes.

Does anyone have any prefernces for these two cities even if you havent been yourself?

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Happy Sunday

I have had a busy few days at work. I have been working nights and then have started work at 6am for the past few days so im feeling a bit exhausted. Too crown it all, i have 5 more days of early starts followed by another night shift. I hope my wage reflects my amount of work!

The weather here is still like winter and with only one more month of summer left it had better improve. We will have to wait and see!

Does anyone know of any gay baseball teams in USA or Canada?

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Nearly at the perfect man!

The last couple of posts have kind of looked at the idea of finding the perfect specimen of a man or at least the perfect guy in our minds.

We have established a nationality that is stereotypical for the perfect guy (My perfect guy would be German....woof!) We have also established a body part that gives a guy an edge and we have also looked at whether hairy guys or perfectly smooth guys are the main choice. Today we move on to the sacred area of a mans body. Yes, it is the dreaded p-word........The Penis.

Now we all know that they come in all shapes and sizes. Short, long, fat, thin, small, medium, large and Oh my god..extra large. I think we have all been in the position where we have found a guy that we would like to get a bit touchy feely with. We go past the kissing and our hands wander down to the penis!

The essence of this post is the age old question for every gay man 'IS SIZE IMPORTANT?'

Have you been extremely diappointed by a guys tool? Or have you been extremely impressed?

The second question that fascinates me is 'IS THERE A PREFERENCE FOR CIRCUMCISED OR UNCIRCUMCISED MEN?'

Now i am aware through my own personal research and constant field work that most American men are circumcised while most European and Aussies and kiwis are uncircumcised. I've heard many stories about which is best 'cut or uncut' but do people really have a preference?

I know for a fact that uncut guys have to wash under the foreskin to stop any smell (you dont want anyone to get a sore throat!) I know that cut guys have a bit less sensitivity in that area. Does anyone ever only go for guys who have one style of penis?

Come on guys lets not get embarrassed (it's boys talk afterall).

By the way no preference for cut or uncut but it must be clean! As for size, isnt bigger better?

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Hair or no hair?

Todays topic of conversation is body hair!

I have briefly talked about it in my last post but i think it needs to be investigated in a little more detail.

Some of us love that extra body hair and some dont. Some love that smooth look while others dont. Either way, hair on the body, head, butt or balls can be a turn on....or turn off!

Lets take a look where hair is attractive.

On The Head: Some of us just love a guy to have a good head of hair. That hair can be any particular colour, any particular length or any particular style. Whether you like a mullett, a short military cut or 'the boy next door' look, if you like hair then one of these is likely to beyour favourites. Then of course, there are guys that love guys that have no hair on their head. Whether it is shaved or naturally bald these guys can be like solar powered jackhammers! The choice is yours guys.

On The Chest: Do you love a thick carpet of hair on the chest or just a thin grazing? Or do you prefer the naturally smooth? Some guys even choose to shave their chests in order to get that perfect sculptured body. Beware though that if you are snuggling into a guy your bristles can be a bit painful for the recipient and a potential turn-off.

On The Back: I dont know many guys that like their guy to have a hairy back. A little you could probably get away with but if it is too thick you could get yourself a little tangled up!

On The Butt: Now this can be VERY sexy! A good sprinkling of hair on the butt cheeks and in the general crack area can be very appealing. Nothing looks more masculine than a masculine hairy butt that you just want to explore further dont you agree? If you have a naturally hairy butt and you want to get rid of it then you are going to have to shave it because it is of course not recommended that you wax those regions. However, then you have to deal with the stubble (or your partner will have to!)

On the Sack: This has proven a bit of a surprise for me. Some love them shaved and smooth while others prefer eau de natural with lots of manly hair. Eitherway if things are natural in that region your partner might not like the idea of getting too many hairs in the mouth! You know the feeling, you're enjoying a bit of intimate kissing in those regions and you end up stopping every few seconds in order to get rid of stray hairs that somehow decide to molt in your mouth......

There are hairs in other places that some of us may like or not like (hand, feet etc) but these are the principle places hair can be found.

Anyone got any preferences for hair (or places that they definitely wouldnt like hair!). It's over to you guys....................!

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Do looks count?

Thanks for all the comments regarding worldly guys. Of course all the guys mentioned British/American/German/French etc were stereotypes but it was fun compiling and really we do try not to rely on stereotypes in any way do we??

I was thinking today as to what attracts us to other men. It could be a host of different things. Of course the very politically correct answer would be 'It isnt their looks that count, looks dont matter to me, it's purely their personality'. Well lets look purely at the physical attributes that make us attracted to other people...........

A Guys eyes: We all know that a set of good eyes can really get those juices flowing whether they are blue eyes brown eyes or somewhere in between. Those deep pools of colour that stare intimately into your eyes, those eyes that scream that they just want to take you to bed..........(now lets not get carried away.) You then also get guys that just love guys in glasses which is that geeky intelligent look. What more can I say?

A Guys Hair: Is there anything better than rubbing your hand through a mop of pure blond or black hair? Of course there is not just the hair on the head but also on the chest legs ar*e and pubic area. Some like smooth some like extra hair and some like that shaved feeling. either way, hair can make a guy seem very attractive.

A Guys height: Do we all like tall guys or is small more cute? Do tall guys give an impression of dominance? I once knew a guy who was 6ft 7. I think i came up to his nipple! Height may be important to some guys but remember....everyone's the same height laying down!

A Guys Size: Ok, this one has two connotations! Some like skinny guys while others prefer guys with a bit of extra meat on their bones. It seems that these days guys who are skinny want to be bigger and guys who are bigger want to be more smaller. Either way, if guys are skinny or large, they could still have a pot and does anyone find pots attractive.
The second connotation is the size downstairs. Some guys like them big and some like them........well actually i dont know any guys that like them small! Some like them thick some like them thin but some guys rate guys purely on their size. I cant see the point of this because if the offending object is packaged appropriately in a pair of nice jeans you can make it as small or large as you like and it's not until you looked at things for real that you can decide whether you like a guy.

A Guys Bottom: Surely we all like a butt that is just perfect to look at. Again some like skinny butts while some prefer one or two handfuls. Some like a butt that flicks side to side when it walks while others like seeing it gently flinch as it walks down the street. A Butt can be dressed to look good as well. Anyways a good firm ass iis always appealing guys.

A Guys Legs: What can i say. This is my personal favourite. Hairy or smooth, pale or tanned, muscular or stubby, many guys rate legs as a high priority in another man. I guess if your perfect guy was a runner and you really loved legs then you would feel like you have the perfect guy!

What's your favourite part of a guy?

These are all superficial attributes but it is good to it is great to imagine the perfect guy.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Worldly Men!

I have had a thought today as to which country has the most beautiful me. You know what i mean, the kind of guys that you look at and they have that woooo factor and then you realise that they are from a country totally different to your own!

Lets go through a short list of them:

Italian Guys: This kind of guy is truely dark haired. Olive skin is a must and he is all touchy feely. He's a great cook and can sing great opera music. He is generally muscular and wears fashionable clothes, probably Versace.

French Guys: These guys have a certain ohh la-la. Again dark hair prevails. They smell of chic cologne (to diguise any whiff of garlic). They are wholly masculine and have an accent that make many guys dribble in their pants. French guys generally have the biggest baguettes in the world!

British Guys: This kind of guy is sophisticated and intelligent. He knows what he wants and knows how to ask for it with prestige and impeccable manners. His skin is soft and smooth with little colour. He will wine you and dine you but dont get talking about the averse publicity of the royal family! The typical Eglish guy will look like Prince William or Harry.

American Guys: For a start they dont have very many friends in the world but they can still be liked by a few. These guys really know how to dress in expensive clothes. They have fantastic sculptured bodies due to compulsory gym membership. Beware, Americans are superficial so if you dont have the perfect body or the perfect set of fashionable clothes then you are unlikely to be a hit with these guys. One other word of warning, American guys are moralistic-that is they expect you to give to charity, help the needy and no sex before marriage but in reality this guy will only expect you to abide by these morals. He will regardless, ignore them for himself!

German Guys: This is the type of guy for you if you like the tall blond sort. They tend to be very macho due to their harsh accents. Dont expect a German guy to say 'I would like very much to take you to bed tonight'. He would rather say 'I want you in my bed you swine'. If you love being dominated then a German guy is for you!

Australian/New Zealand Guys: These have to be the pick of the bunch! They are rough and ready and able to give any nationality a run for their money. They can handle wild animals (which could be you if you are in the right mood). Whilst not the best dressed guys in the universe they have lots of muscle and stamina making these guys great to work out with.......! One word of warning, Australian guys have been know to be bisexual, that is they like men and SHEEP!

Argentinian/Mexican Guys: These guys are cute if you like guys smaller (in height) than you. They generally have slimmer bodies than most but have that young black haired olive skin look. If you like someone that looks younger than they are then this is the kind of guy for you!

So guys, what's your pick?

Monday, January 15, 2007

50% off

Today has been more like summer with 27c and lots of sun. It's felt great! It is so nice that summer is here even though it is very late.

I dont know about you but arent you surprised about the number of sales that the shops are having? I go to the postbox and i retrieve about 20 booklets all advertising 20% off, 50% off, buy one get 2nd half price. Sale only on tomorrow for 1 day only. All stock must go. Crazy prices. Post post christmas sale, summer sale, Pre autumn sale!

I dont know about you but the retailers here have done great trading over christmas and now they just want more. What happened to the time when after christmas the retailers left you alone?

Oh and if you want to get in to the swing of things, the stores have just got in the first of their Valentine's Day chocolates and goods. So watch out guys Easter Eggs next week.

Sunday, January 14, 2007


This weekend hasnt been so boring afterall. Yesterday me and my partner went for an afternoon drive out to the country. We took some food and stopped at a friends house in the country and ate. The weather was very cloudy and rainy (typical of summer this year). I think we are still waiting for the good weather to return from the East coast of the USA. The short trip out though was good and we even got to stop at a mall just slightly outside of the city which i like as it has great cheap fashionable clothing as well as other good shops.

I was thinking on the drive home yesterday about advertisements and the slogans they use or catchy phrases they utilise so that customers can remember them. I thought it would be so difficult but it was actually so easy. I started with the banks:

Bank of New Zealand: 'Bank Smarter, Bank of New Zealand.'
Kiwibank: 'It's ours,not theirs'
ASB Bank: 'One Step Ahead'
The National Bank: 'The Thoroughbred Among Banks'

And then other ads for supermarkets.....

Pak N Save: 'We Pack You Save'
Countdown: 'You can count on us to keep prices down'
New World: 'First In Food First In Value'

And then of course you have other companies.....

Smiths City (DIY Store):' Smith City Has it All'
Mitre 10 (DIY Store): You'll come out better off at Mitre 10'
Panadol (Painkiller): 'It's your choice'
The Warehouse (Homeware) 'Where EVERYONE Gets a Bargain'

Of corse there are many many more and once you hear the music with their jingles and words you are just humming....

I just wonder how much they affect me?

Friday, January 12, 2007


Today, i have been bored. I have another week before i go back to work. The highlight of my day was going to the mall tonight. I didnt buy anything but i did get to take a good look around Borders and had a coffee in their new cafe.

Any suggestions to what i can do this weekend. (No movies)

Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Yesterday i blogged about subway (eat fresh) but today i want to say about McDonalds.

McDonalds is known as the American embassy over here! It is getting a lot of competition though from the other fast food outlets such as KFC, Burger King and Subway. In order to combat the competition they have revamped their restaurants by opening computers in their stores where you can buy a card and then surf the internet. It's proved quite popular. Also they have opened a McCafe section in their restaurants where you can have a coffee and a muffin in China cups where you can also buy a wrap or panini.

Last year they also done a trial only in New Zealand where you could buy one of four different roast meals which were served on a cardboard plate and the meals were compiled by prize winning chefs! It was nice food but just a little bit too pricey for Mcdonalds ($10.95NZ)

KFC are also revamping. In my city they completely demolished two stores and rebuilt them in under 6 weeks. They were redesigned to look a bit more funky.

Burger King havent really done too much as yet but their presence here is quite small.

Is McDonalds making a comeback!?!

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

More Gift Cards

I posted about a month ago regarding how popular gift cards were in the United States. I noticed this while on my holiday in New York. When i came home there were only two stores in New Zealand that i could see that offered them here.
Well over the course of a month or so, it seems that all the shops here have now got them!!!! the DIY Store, the supermarket, the stationery store, Even Subway Sandwiches!

Talking about Subway sandwiches, i am stunned as to how popular these restaurants have got over the last year. They have opened up in virtually every town and suburb and there are always huge queues virtually everyday and everytime of day. To top it all they have introduced a joint gift card and reward card that is electronic and you get 4c for every dollar you spend there. They are really marketing themselves.
How are they doing overseas? Is subway popular in USA/Britain/Germany?

Just one more thing about my whinge yesterday. I have had one charity actually ring me during dinner yesterday at home. Dont you just love it!

Monday, January 08, 2007

My Whinge

Today i feel like Mr Grumpy but something has annoyed me so much.

I turned the TV on this morning and during the adverts there was an ad for World Vision Charity encouraging you to sponsor a child. There were scenes of children crying and screaming and looking so distressed. Now this charity is at all the shopping malls trying to get you to there stall to get you to sign up to give regular money. this morning there were ads on normal TV EVERY 20 Minutes! Dont get me wrong, charities need to ask for money but with these ads running every 20 minutes on TV and also every 20 minutes on the radio and then if i decide to get out of the house to get away from it then they will harrass me while shopping. To cap it all they even put a leaflet in my letterbox this morning! Scenes of distressed children work when you see them once but after 2 or 3 times people get de-sensitised.

This charity done the same thing last year. their ads lasted from early December to mid February. Together with the other half dozen or so charities that do this kind of mass saturation 'begging' at this time of year it can make people feel pretty guilty.....

Oh as im typing the ads are back on tele and the World Vision ad is back on.......ugggggghh.

I do and will continue to give one off charity donations to my favourite charities but it wont be to those charities that are currently 'saturating' the media.

This post isnt a dig at any charities. It is just the way they 'over-advertise' causing people not to give donations

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Im back!

I am back from my grand tour of New Zealand's South Island. It feels like I have been away for so long and yet it doesnt feel like i have been away at all.

The weather was far from perfect as there was quite a bit of rain and it was so cold. It is official that December has been the wettest and coldest December ever here in New Zealand! (and we were camping in it). January hasnt started its best and today it has struggled to reach 15c (about 59f). It seemed so strange to see campers filling up hot water bottles at bedtime and wearing thick jackets. I see from other bloggers that they are having warmer temperatures than normal especially on the east coast of the United States. Well to all you guys i say send some of that warmth over here!

The only break in the weather was on Christmas Day and Boxing Day where temperatures peaked at 28c with lots of sunshine which enabled us to have christmas dinner out in the garden. New Years Eve was cold but that was ok.

Now i am back home and sorting out my laundry. I have washed a few essentials for tomorrow and have just put them out to dry but as it is so cold and cloudy i doubt they will dry....the only clean clothes i have is ajock strap and singlet and i cant see me doing my daily 5km walk in just those.....although....!

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Great weather at last

Today has been sunny and hot. We have driven through the mountains and seen some spectacular scenery. We have shared the day with many American, British and German tourists. All seem so lovely and it was very nice to hear the combination of accents. The Sounds were truely spectacular and it was a perfectly clear day to take a good amount of photo's.

I am back at the launderette in their computer area tonight writing my blog. there are a few tourists in here from overseas.

Ok, back to the holiday for me.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

By the lake

I am today reporting from a computer based in a lauderette here in the fiordland area of New Zealand. I am very happy to say that it has now stopped raining but is still a lot cooler than usual for summer. The fireworks on New Years Eve were awesome and we were pretty pleased to be the first industrialised nation to welcome in 2007 (2hrs ahead of Australia)

The lakeside where we are staying is great. Lots of lakeside activities. Tomorrow we are off to the magnificent fiords and might even join the overseas tourists to do a boat trip down one of them. i have done the boat trip before and it is awesome and that is an understatement.

I cant get to everyones blog today as im running out of coins to feed the internet here but all is going well. I look forward to catching up with all your blogs in their entirity when i get back next week.