Saturday, January 26, 2008

Buskers Festival

This week has been the World Buskers Festival here in Christchurch. It is basically a group of performers from all over the world who converge on our New Zealand city to perform in the city streets. We in turn give a small donation if we enjoy their performance. It's been held in Christchurch for the last few years with performers this year coming from USA, Canada, Netherlands, UK, Germany, Australia and New Zealand.
The city has been awash with visitors, so much so that my local Starbucks has had performers performing across the road from it and each time i have been to Starbucks i have struggled to find a seat. The last day of the event is tomorrow. Im not a big fan of watching street entertainment but i have stopped for a short time at some of the events and have been impressed.
Has anyone ever tryed street performing for cash? I dont mean being a hooker :)


At 11:03 PM, Anonymous jeremy said...

talking about york subway has the best buskers!

At 3:27 AM, Anonymous Lemuel said...

How out of the loop I am! I was not at all familiar with the term (although certainly with the concept). When my younger son did his undergraduate work in Boston, I used to love to go to Marketplace when we visited and watch and listen to the street performers.


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