Saturday, April 28, 2007

Here or There

Thanks for your suggestions about possible places to take my holiday. There were quite a few suggestions. I have narrowed them down to San Francisco, Montreal or London! Can anyone suggest really cheap internal flight companys in USA? I have heard of Westjet.

My holiday may be a few months away but i want to get prepared!

Anyone ever been to Wisconsin? Is it worth a visit?

The weather is grey outside today. Yesterday was the same and it's expected to be the same for the next few days. Im going to go out to a cafe today for lunch. I have found one in the suburbs that sells the best meat pies in the city. I will also grab a coffee. I will also have a great view of the beach where all the surfie boys hang out. That should DEFINITELY brighten up my day.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Today is ANZAC Day here in New Zealand. People have been laying their poppies at dawn services throughout the country and there have been numerous parades. I personally didnt get to any ceremonies but i did buy my poppy on Monday. 'God Save The Queen'

I havent posted a lot lately because of my work commitments. I have been snowed under but by next week ishould be getting a couple of days off so i should be back to doing some regular posts. I will also comment on your blogs too.

I've been living on Subway sandwiches lately as a healthy option at work. Im now sick of them and im just craving for a big meaty big mac! Im trying to plan another overseas trip in the next few months. I want to either visit Europe or North America again. Can anyone suggest the best place to visit in North America or Europe. (You can be biased!)

Friday, April 20, 2007


I am feeling so shattered after my numerous days of work and still not a day off in sight! All is good though because i should be receiving a big pay packet early next week. I might do a bit of internet shopping on Wednesday from a few American sites as our kiwi is almost at record highs against the US Dollar. I think it is time to get some shopping therapy!

Interest rates have gone up here to 7.5% meaning mortgages have got so expensive. People are getting a bit frantic as there is expected to be another rise next week because the economy is doing so well. All i can say is thank god for fixed rate mortgages.

My thought of the day is 'thank god that guns are outlawed in NZ', our thoughts are with those at Viginia tech, USA.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Lynx OR Axe

I got out of the shower this morning and had a bit of difficulty choosing which deodorant to apply. You see I have a collection of Lynx deodorant (Called Axe in Europe (Ex UK), USA and Canada). Whenever they have been on special at the supermarket i thought to myself i just have to pick a new flavour. Then of course during my visit to USA i saw that they have a few fragrances that we dont so i brought yet more!

It has now come to a point where i have so many that it is now a chore each morning choosing which one to apply. I have decided to start spraying a little extra in order to get rid of them a little quicker!

Lynx (Axe) has been one of those companies that has been so successful. For a start it's cheap so that teenagers can buy it and then it is a brand you recognise from those teenage years so you tend to carry on using it. They then periodically release new scents so that you can smell a bit different but still keep to the brand. I wouldnt say i was a brand loyal customer but there must be a reason why i have kept using Lynx for so long.
I have a feeling that Axe has not been on the market for too long in USA and Canada but here in New Zealand it has probably been around about 15 years or so. My favourite has to be Lynx Voodoo.
Im sure Lynx has helped me score a few times with the boys ;)

Thursday, April 12, 2007

We were expecting a cold day today but instead got a great warm day with lots of sunshine. It must haved totally rained itself out last night!

Not much to report today except that i was at work again today. It was a standard day i guess.

Im off to bed.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Work again.

I have been to work all afternoon and didnt finish until 11pm. This is day two of my 20 day stint. The day has been cloudy but very very warm with a warm wind which is consistent with a storm. Indeed at about 7pm tonight the rain started and the temperatures got cold. I walked home from work soaking wet. The bad weather is supposed to be with us for at least the next few days with snow down to 400metres.

I can hear the rain pounding on the roof now. Tomorrow the top temperature is only supposed to be 12c and not much better on Friday. It seems like autumn has come pretty early this year.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Work Work Work

Today i have started my 20 day work stint without a day off! I started this afternoon. Over the next 20 days i will be doing a mixture of early morning, late evening and overnight shift rotations. Today was day number 1 and i feel shattered already. Tomorrow i have an afternoon going into late evening shift which are not my favourites. Today i also done this kind of shift. One of the benefits of doing the afternoon to late evening shift is that it gives me the chance to go to the bank in the morning as well as pay a few bills. However i have a tendency to lay in in the morning meaning i dont actually get much done during the day.

It is a busy time at work at the moment andbecause i want a holiday some point this year i will have to really really earn it so im holding on to that thought.

OK, im off to shower and crawl into bed (anyone wanna join me!)

Friday, April 06, 2007

Hot X Buns

Today i have kind of stuffed myself silly with Hot Cross Buns. I got them at the supermarket last night after the crowds had departed after then doing their last minute shopping! I dont think i can eat any more.

The Easter trading laws are up for review this year. We have a strange policy where all shops are closed on good Friday and Easter Sunday except for tourist shops and eateries and 'essential' stores. Needless to say it has prevented me from spending any money. I have to go to the supermarket tomorrow so im expecting to have to battle through the heaving masses. I will try to leave it as late as possible i think to let the rush go.

I have my easter egg already.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Flu jab or NOT?

It's that time of year where flu's and colds are starting to go around (well it is in the southern hemisphere) and they have started rolling out the adverts for encouraging people to go to get a flu vaccination. Im never really sure whether i should go and get one as i'm fit and healthy and am reasonably young. If i do get one it will range in cost from $40-$60 depending on where i go. That money could be spent elsewhere by me. I guess it is like an insurance policy.

What does everyone else think about flu vaccinations, do you have them?

Sometimes, my workplace will offer a vaccination for free but it has not been every year that they offer this. Perhaps i should just invest in some vitamin c and multi-vitamins to see me through and stay away from contagious people. I also heard that garlic is pretty good too.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Japanese Restaurant

Tonight i went out to a Japanese restaurant right in the centre of town that i must have walked past a thousand times but never ever thought of going into. We were on our way to McDonalds and passed it so we thought we would go in.

I was pleasantly surprised. I had the Japanese curry with rice and salad affectionally known as the number 10! It seemed very popular with Asian people and the food was actually good. It was served on traditional Japanese plates with silver chop sticks. I soon gave up with the chop sticks and asked for a fork....they got me a spoon! Oh well at least it meant i could still eat it.

All this for just NZ$10 Approx US$5 Approx GBP3 Approx 5Euros.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Today i thought i would go for a walk around the city centre and capture a few photos to put here on my blog. The pictures arent of anything in particular but rather just snapshots of the city.

Maori Pole

I have added a picture of Starbucks for my American bog friends so they can see that there is an American presence here. I have also enclosed a picture of The National Bank for my British friends which is or was owned by the British Lloyds bank and as you can see it has retained the old black horse symbol. I have also taken a few pictures of the central Square and the Cathedral which is the city's centre point. Also in the pictures are scenes from the many small parks in the city.

It's taken me forever to get these pics loaded but i cant really format them.

Have a great weekend.