Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween


It's been a very quiet halloween night here. I havent seen any trick or treaters around and none have called at our door. I guess the idea hasnt caught on over here yet.

I went for a walk today and tried to clear my head before my exam tomorrow. It's a full on week as i also have my last exam on Saturday.

Now, just responding to some of your questions. First Lemuel, I meant when i said cruisey that we were relaxed lol but i kind of understand the misinterpretation. And Doug, that's a good comment of yours. I will have to ask my partner to ask me.

Monday, October 30, 2006

Boring Monday!

Well it's another Monday and i aint really done much today. The weather has reverted back to winter today when the last few days have been more like summer. I have been at home for most of the day revising for a test on Wednesday so i havent ventured outside the door but it's all good.

Tomorrow night it is Halloween and i am not sure what to do. I am very tempted to go out somewhere but not sure what is going on around town. It is still not a big event here but this year i want to get in the swing of things.

What are all you guys doing for Halloween...?

......Now to answer some questions which were asked yesterday. Firstly to Ric in Portugal. I am on the South Island of New Zealand and yes, i am probably the little dot on your map. I also want to say to you...Boa dia, no fala portugues. That is my attempt at Portuguese i hope i am correct.

Now to Doug, Yes i have a partner. We have been together for 5.5 years. We are not civil unioned at this stage but we have talked about it. We are both pretty cruisey in life so we havent really had a chance to go and collect any civil union papers or collect details but we will get around to it.......of course it also depends if when i ask him he says yes!

Everyone have a good day and let me know what you are doing for halloween.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Gay marriage

I see from looking around at the blogs in America that there are a few political issues regarding gay marriage going on. I see that New Jersey has made some progress over the last week but much still has to be done. I also hear that there is a vote coming up in Virginia regarding an amendment. I believe if you are in Virginia that you should be voting 'NO'.

Here in New Zealand, we have Civil Unions which either a man or woman, woman and woman or man and man can join together. It fell short of marriage but at least it's a start. What is the situation in the state or country where you are?

Now, i have had a chance to read a lot of blogs and a few of you guys have left me some great comments. You guys know who you are.

I have decided to copy a few other blogs and Sundays are now going to be a day of you getting to know me a little better (if you want to) by opening up the floor to any questions that you want to ask me. They can be any questions you like from short to long to timid or personal. I am no prude so ask away............

Saturday, October 28, 2006


I was thinking today that if i was to buy a house, what type of house would it be and where?

An average house in the south island of NZ is NZ$260,000 which is US$140.000 which is GBP85.000. The house prices are slowing down but it depends on which region you want to live.

Now is it better to buy a small house or a big house? Well i'm not sure, a small house would generally mean cheaper and easier to clean but a larger house would be great for space and entertaining. The city isnt really warm enough to have a swimming pool in the garden.

My dream house would have a big garden and modern architecture but as long as it was livable. Ahhhhhh should I buy or continue to rent.....but with interest rates at 7.25% it wuldnt be cheap....!

Friday, October 27, 2006


You know, i am still impressed with my last visit to the supermarket. I know it may sound pretty drab but i am. The new self service check outs are awesome. Has anybody else used them. You just scan your own stuff and put them in a bag. You weigh your own fruits and veges and even find the correct button to press. You can then either pay by EFTPOS, cash or credit card and the machine even spits you out a receipt. As i said in my previous post, there is even a hot security/check out boy hovering around to give you a helping hand.

When i was last in the USA i saw that some supermarkets have a starbucks in them! That is such an awesome idea. Supermarket shopping is not my thing really but if i could shop drinking a starbucks then i would be up for it. Starbucks hasnt invaded our supermarkets yet but i reckon it will get there.

That brings me on to Starbucks....Are they really invading our cities. We have a couple here in the city but we havent had an invasion yet. The one thing i like about them is that their coffees are American sizes ie. XXXL while most coffees in our coffee shops are a hell of a lot smaller......God bless America!

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Still just a little orange!

Ok you guys have been asking for a photo. I have ummmed and arrrrred and decided to post one. The first is me pre tan on the beach. The second is post artificial tan and i have just used my hand for this as i cant get to the beach today plus it's too cold. Thankfully the orange has reduced a lot and the photo of my hand which is on the hand on the right (compared to my partners hand on the left) doesnt look as orange in the photo as it does in real life.

Ok, now you have a photo of me. Just a normal kiwi guy.

This afternoon i have been to the supermarket. We have got those new self service checkouts and im slowly getting the hang of them. Todays problem was that i wanted to weigh my oranges that i bought but for some reason i pressed onions. I could have sworn i pressed the oranges button but no definitely onions. Anyway the hot check out boy helped me out and we eventually got it sorted. I think i will have to supposedly press onions again!

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Still Orange!

Well guys I am still that awful shade of orange! That artificial tan just wont wash off and i have to go to work tonight. Thankfully i am only going to be working with one other colleague but it will still be embarrassing.

Today I have been out tobuy a gift voucher for a friend. I was surprised to hear from the hot check out boy that they are no longer being sold. Instead they are selling gift cards! Apparently these giftcard things are all the rage in America! They are little plastic cards just like credit cards. I think they are pretty neat with all those different patterns on. I have also heard that overseas you can buy a gift credit thats a great idea but its not available here yet. If any of you bloggers work for visa, mastercard, Amex etc get the idea over here in New Zealand pronto as we always love cards that allow us to spend money that we dont have!

Ok guys, from which store is your favourite American Giftcard? My favourite NZ one is FlyBuys! There's a cute little bouquet of flowers on it!

Over to you.........

Monday, October 23, 2006

Labour Day

Labour Day is here. It will be nice to have a four day week. The day started off sunny but now it has turned to drizzle and is cold. We are having it better than the rest of the country by the sounds of things as they are having heavier rain.

Have you seen those new cosmetic products for men that are supposed to give you a 'gradual moisturised tan'. Well yesterday I applied some on my arms and legs. Nothing seemed to happened so i applied more and then more.......Now i think i am part Indian!!!! I am going to have to lighten things out somehow.
Can anyone recommend some good gradual tanning stuff for men? Ive tried Johnsons, L'Oreal for men and Dove.

Well, im off to cook dinner....and guess what......It's going to be a curry!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, October 22, 2006

A quiet day shpping!

Today I have been out shpping with my partner. We have been to the mall to buy ourselves some suitcases for our big trip to New York in November. We thought that we would get a medium size one each. Im still not convinced it will be big enough to bring back everything we buy but i guess they will sell bags ove r there if we need a spare one.

There were not that many people around the city today. I guess most people were waiting to go out shopping tomorrow which is Labour Day. There doesnt look like that theres too many sales on but at least it will save some people some money.

My thought of the day is.......Why should America have nuclear bombs and countries like Iran and North Korea not? Is America anymore trustworthy with them than these countries? Should there be sanctions?

My opinion is the fewer countries that have them the better but now that more countries are getting them how do we contain them?

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Labour Weekend

Well guys it's Labour Weekend here in New Zealand! Now im just not sure what to do to entertain myself. I could go shopping, weekend away, study, walk, entertain etc but i just dont feel motivated. Can anyone suggest anything??

The weather outside is great but i think it's turning for the worse. Labour weekend here is usually great weather as i remember going camping for the last 3 years and enjoying the weather so much. This year we are saving for a trip to New York in November so the drive to the camping ground with petrol prices so high is outo f the question this year.

Ok guys can I ask you a question. What do you recommend that we do in New York apart from Central Park, statue of Liberty and Empire State? Also what are the petrol prices in the USA at the moment?

I look forward to your comments.

Friday, October 20, 2006


What do you reckon to this Madonna adopting the
african boy? Im kind of on the fence about this one regarding as to whether it is god or bad. In some respects it's good because the kid gets to live a rich life and bad because as he grows up there will be such a large gap in his upbringing linking him to his father.
I find it fascinating though how she has managed to get around the adoption stuff in Britain. Perhaps the legal system can be influenced by money.

I have read quite a few blogs lately. There are some good ones out there. I particularly like Kelly Sterns as this stands out really well but there are others. I will try and name a few more in my next entry.

Thursday, October 19, 2006


It is now time to update my blog. For all you visitors Im sorry for not updating but im on the ball again. I see that our friends in USA have reached a population of 300 million. Congratulations to you guys.....Now when are you going to allow gay marraige? Here in NZ we are at a population of 4 million and we allow civil unions between different sex and same sex individuals. I hope that you guys get the opportunity to enjoy the rights that everyone else gets. Anyways on a lighter note, does anyone know who the 300th million person is? I have heard that its an illegal immigrant from Mexico! I will have to do a google search. Geez do i love google, you can find so much shit from there.
Anyways, have a great day.