Saturday, March 31, 2007

Face Moisturiser!

I was reading the other day that more and more men are starting to get into personal grooming. I think the figures quoted were that 30%more men wear a face moisturiser than 20 years ago. Further proof of this can be seen while walking around any department store when you can see Nivea For Men, L'Oreal For Men, Shiseido Men, Adidas face Moisturiser For Men etc etc.

I kind of used to only use a face moisturiser every now and then but recently I have found myself using one daily. Remarkably i started using it daily since my trip to America last year. It is called Nickel Face Moisturiser For Men. I just love it and recommend it. Anyone used it? A friend of mine said that all these kind of moisturisers are full of chemicals and ultimately bad for you, but hey, a man has GOT to look his best hasn't he?

Who could believe 50 years ago that mens cosmetics would be perfectly acceptable in 2007?

Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Today has been a day of drizzle and heavy showers but pretty warm and humid so i made the most of the day and decided to go for a walk around the city. I started in the city square by the cathedral and then took the main street south to South City shopping mall. I took a stroll around there and posted a couple of letters. I then walked along to the Arts Centre in the rain and a walk in the botanical gardens. It was raining pretty heavy but there is something about walking around in the rain that helps me think and contemplate life. I was of course soaking wet. From there i strolled home.

Days like today are great to clear my mind. I feel de-stressed.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Anti Smacking Bill

There has been a lot of controversy here in New Zealand at the moment. The government is within a couple of weeks of getting a Anti-Smacking Bill through parliament which means that no one including parents are allowed to smack their children. In reality, it means that parents are not to use unreasonable force on their kids! Now im neither a supporter or against the bill but interestingly the people who wish smacking to continue are the CHRISTIAN Groups. In fact their is a big rally in town against the bill tomorrow and it is organised by christian groups.

Now im not meaning to beat up on Christian groups in any way but i thought that they would have been anti violence, anti war and anti smacking but No. I would have also thought that violence in the family would have been in conflict with christian values but i guess i just may be mistaken.

Oh well guys, as long as the bill doesnt stop smacking in the bedroom between two consenting adults!!

Friday, March 23, 2007

$50 Fridge

I think im back on track with blogger now but it has had a few problems which i cant answer. The damned thing would only print my title but not my blog.....anyways, here it goes.

The other day i was listening to the radio and the presenter said that he had a call earlier from a guy who said that he had been attempting to get rid of a fridge.

Apparently, this guy was moving home and didnt have any space for his old fridge at his new place. He therefore placed it outside his garden gate with a sign on it that said 'Fridge-Free please take'. The fridge stayed there for 4 days and no one took the fridge!

The guy was now getting desperate to get rid of the fridge (which was apparently in good working order). A mate of his came up with a suggestion. So that day he replaced the sign on the fridge with a new sign that read 'Fridge-Only $50'

Within 3 hours, someone had stolen it!!!

Arent people interesting.


Tuesday, March 20, 2007

I will try and post tomorrow as only title appears

Blogger wont let me post a post :(

Sunday, March 18, 2007

The Storm

I hope that everyone has survived St Patricks Day in one piece! I know i did.

I done a few hours at work this morning and walked home in the blazing sushine. I then just got in the door before a storm hit the city with big flashy lightning and big rumbles of thunder and hail stones. It all lasted i suppose about 40 minutes but it has been cold for the rest of the day. The thunder is pretty rare for my city but it was entertaining.

Im just about to go out to Starbucks for a latte (Decaff) at this time of night.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Clocks Back!

Tonight i have been enjoying the last of daylight savings until the clocks go forward in October. Tonight the clocks will go back one hour at two PM meaning that i will gain an extra hour in bed but tomorrow night onwards will see darker evenings. Im not looking forward to them.

One other benefit of gaining an extra hour tonight is that we can all get to enjoy an extra hour of drinking time in the pubs for St Patricks Day. Tonight we went for a walk to the city centre along the river enjoying the very warm day we have had before it turns cold again tomorrow. Lots of people were out wearing green and getting ready to enjoy the night. Im sure that a few had NO Irish ancestry whatsoever and quite a few dont even know where Ireland is but i guess it is all fun and the publicans will rake in a tidy profit just like Hallmark does on Valentines Day.

I wonder if people actually celebrate St Patricks Day in Ireland?!

Friday, March 16, 2007


I was looking at a post regarding American Idol. I cant believe that the show is still going over there. We have the start of the new American Idol on TV here but i cant really say that i have got into it. The judges seem either too harsh or too soft.

We have had three series of New Zealand Idol go through so far and god help us all if we have a fourth one. All of our winners have been popular for about 2-3 months after winning when they release one song and the ARE NEVER HEARD OF again! I cant even remember the names of the last three NZ Idol winners....

...OK guys can any one name the last three New Zealand Idol winners? The first person to name them gets a PASH from me! (Hell that's some incentive!)

We have had Australian Idol on the TV as well but i havent seen it on for around 2 years now. I think we are getting a bit too much Idol. Does Canada have Canada Idol and does Britain have British Idol? What's more does Germany have Deutschland Idol............So many Idol Phewwwww.

I think i have the Blogger problems sorted out now so i will be able to respond to your posts and hopefully respond to you at Wordpress.

Monday, March 12, 2007



Sunday, March 11, 2007

Lantern festival

Last night the city celebrated our Asian diversity by having the Chinese lantern festival in the city's Victoria Gardens. There were lots of cheap Asian foodstalls as well as a few bands and of course, karaoke! I opted to buy a chicken curry which i can only say, went through the system a bit quicker than normal!

The lighted lanterns were awesome and must have taken many many hours to prepare. It is on again tonight so we might take a look later but i will have something to eat at home first.

Friday, March 09, 2007


We are slowly sliding in to Autumn down here in New Zealand. The nights are getting slightly darker and the mornings a little cooler. In a few weeks people will be lighting their open fires which will pollute the still air we have in the city.

It is the time of year that makes me feel not as bright as usual. The time of year that i long to head into the northern hemisphere to witness their awakening from their winter. Here the leaves havent yet started falling from the trees but i was walking home from work this morning after my night shift and there was drizzle in the air and a slight nip in the air that made me put my jersey on. I just wonder if winter will be harsh or mild.

My favourite season is definitely summer. It is warm vibrant and welcoming. The long light nights make the day feel so long and nice.

Have any of you guys got a favourite or dreaded season?

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Madonna v Oprah

I was sitting in class today day-dreaming when i suddenly had a shocking thought come into my mind. For $100, would i rather sleep with Madonna or Oprah?

I thought about it for a while and thought that I couldnt sleep with either of them for $100 but i might give it a go with Oprah for $500,000.

Madonna is a bit more of a challenge. I might be able to do it for $1m but that still would not involve me performing anything oral on her!

Now guys, name your prices and which one would you rather have a bit of nookie with?

(I know guys, it's sick but i was totally bored in class. Im sure im going to need therapy for these thoughts!)

Monday, March 05, 2007

Erotica in town!

This weekend has seen the 'Erotica' exhibition come to town. Exhibitors and companies set up booths in the city convention centre selling their weirs which included lubes, condoms, whips, chains, handcuffs, buttplugs and all kinds of weird and wonderful toys that i have never seen before. There were a few porn stars flown in from USA doing their displays on stage and wooing the crowd. The event was well attended (in fact it was packed out) confirming that the city of Christchurch was very interested in sex!

Thanks guys for all your views on stereotypes of New Zealanders. I can confirm that we are a very relaxed people and that sheep outnumber us significantly! Our landscape has mountains, volcanoes, plains and fiords. Our population is 4.1million. We are NOT attached to Australia and we are totally independent of them. We also have no snakes!

I guess i should tell you what the stereotypes of are of Americans. First i will tell you a few of the bad things, loud, superficial and materialistic and high crime. On the other hand there are in my opinion a lot of things that are good with Americans....development of new medicines, good TV, good tippers, hard working.

New Zealanders do not have a problem with anyone (except those Aussies when a rugby game is on). Americans definitely wouldnt experience any problems or hassles or prejudice here. In fact no one would. We are curious animals so we may just sniff you!!!!

Friday, March 02, 2007

Thinking about it

Now guys, thanks for your comments regarding me possibly relocating to Australia. HOWEVER, i think i may have understressed that it is a long term goal so i might not get there for another year or two but i will however keep you all posted. I aint going ANYWHERE yet!

I have a question for you guys..........What stereotypes do you have of New Zealand?

Here are my stereotypes of a few countries,

USA=Loud people (Sorry Americans!)
Canadians=Hot mounties
Australians=Cork hats
Netherlands=Progressive and advanced.