Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Brisbane recap

Im now going to do a bit of a recap of my trip to Brisbane Australia.

1. Unfortunately no photos. I have to be in the mood for photography and i just wasnt for all my 10 days over there. Alas no photos.

2. The weather was pretty good at 20-22c each day and that was midwinter. I did however experience the coldest June day on record in the city. It got down to 8.3c.

3. I loved the ferries that sail along the river. We cruised down the river several times just watching the world go by. It was awesome.

4. Flights were cheap and cheerful. Everything ran on time. Security queues were nice and short.

5. Got to do a bit of shopping in the sales. I got a couple of jerseys that i needed for the winter months and a couple of t-shirts too.

6. Got to catch up with a few friends over there and chill out at their pool.

7. Tried out lots of nice Chinese food in China town.

8. Also tried some dodgy Chinese food from Central Station. Very very dodgy!

The last three days i have been revising hard for my exams and i'm shattered. Im glad they are over with for another six months. I think i done ok but i will have to wait and see.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

im back

I am safely back in good ol' New Zealand.

My trip was great. I had such a relaxing time. The weather wasnt too bad for the time of year but we did experience their coldest June day ever. We tried lots of different foods in their ample cafes. I now feel so rejuvinated.

We arrived back in Christchurch just before midnight and by the time we got through customs, passport control, agriculture checks and then got the bus home it was nearly 2am.

I have now got stacks and stacks of washing to do. I have just thrown it all over the floor as i figured this will force me to do it quicker so the place looks like a tip at the moment! I suppose i had better make a start at it now.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

In Brisbane, Australia

Greetings everyone from Brisbane, Australia.

Im in a shopping mall typing this so its going to be quick.

We are having a fantastic time. Weather is great at 22c and its mid winter! It's a lot busier than NZ here but it's still fun as the climate is t-shirt or thin jersey weather.

Been doing a bit of shopping and looking at the electrical stores. Been trying lots of different foods.

I cant read your blogs at the mo because this computer doesnt give me much time. However i will catch up with all of you next Thursday when i get back home.

Hugs to you all.

Friday, June 08, 2007


Today i have been fighting a headache. I woke up with it at 6am. I turned and tossed in bed then decided to take some paracetamol and codeine. It only just kept it under control. At midday i took some more!

One of the side effects of these pills is that you can feel a bit drowsey and it can leave you CONSTIPATED. I had to do a few chores today so you can just imagine me walking down the street into town all dopey. And yes you can guarantee that i met a friend of mine that i havent seen for years. Im sure she thought i was drugged out of my mind!!

Anyways, i'll keep you all informed about my constipation side effects :)

PS i know Americans can be a bit prudish regarding bowels and their contents but look at it as 'being natural'

Oh, by the way it's freezing outside tonight and we may even get a sprinkle of snow by morning...yes snow!

Monday, June 04, 2007

Queens Birthday Holiday

Today has been the Queens Birthday Holiday Monday. I've had the day off work and done very little which is great. There's a few Queens Birthday sales on but i chose to avoid them and go to Starbucks instead for a latte.

Tonight is another cold night outside. The heat pump is on high and although the house is warm, the bedroom is a bit chilly so im a bit hesitant of going into bed.

Happy Queens Birthday everyone.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

NZ Idol Best of the Best

Tonight we have the second weekend of watching the Best of the Best in all of the New Zealand Idols. All the winners and runners up of the last few years are all competing against each other. In fact, it is pretty embarrassing....It is on TV now and im cringing. It is extremely amateur. I'm very tempted to switch it off but if i do i wont know what people are all talking about on Tuesday at work.

Tomorrow is a public Holiday here in NZ. It is Queens Birthday Holiday. We planned to go away camping over the long weekend but the weather is supposed to be very frosty tonight with temperatures dropping down to 1c. Too cold to be shivvering in a sleeping bag i think. Sooooo, we have booked 10 days in Australia leaving in 10 days time! We got some cheap tickets so we are going to have a blast!

Oh, and some good news.......I won on the lotto scratchies today. I'm ecstatic. I will be very wise in how i spend my $4!