Thursday, November 15, 2007

Nearly Ready

Canada awaits!

I have just finished work and got home. I'm off to North America tomorrow and i havent started packing yet! Anyway what does a boy need to pack? A few pairs of socks, a few pairs of undies, a jersey, condoms, lube....
i always get in a tis trying to think what to pack, trying to pack only the essentials. I know Canada's going to be cold so thick bulky jerseys are going to take up lots of room.

Any ideas of what to pack?

Tuesday, November 13, 2007


I cannot believe that we are nearly half way through November already. I have been working hard in preparation for my holiday in Canada. I leave on Friday. I have been neglecting my blogging for a while but i hope to get back on track and get back to reading your blogs soon.

As for the trip. I have my e-ticket, my passport and my travel insurance ready. I just have to collect my Canadian dollars. I am also going to take a trip into USA to Seattle and that's all booked as well.

I think summer has arrived here but i dont want to get too used to it at the moment as i know that Canada is in it's autumn.......Im starting to get excited..........

Just two more days of long hours at work.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Guy Fawkes 2007

Last night was Guy Fawkes night here in New Zealand. I got myself ready at about 7pm to go to the beach with my partner and we got a nice parking spot for the car. The day was supposed to be wet with temperatures a very cold 9c. Amazingly the weather was fine all day apart from some dark clouds at about 2pm and then the sun came out again. By nightfall the air was getting chilly and when the huge firework display started at 9.10pm the huge crowd was happy as the cities firework display really lit up the sky with thunderous bangs. Towards the end of the finale you could smell the moisture in the air. The pier where the fireworks were set off was a blaze of firey colour. We headed back to the car after the display. We just got to the car when the heavens opened and the rain fell heavy. Now that was perfect timing if ever i have seen it.

The discussion as has been for the last 3 years is whether to ban the private use of fireworks in NZ. Lots of people who have private fireworks in their gardens have been injured. We have restrictions here on 'rocket' fireworks which effectively means those fireworks sold for private use are basically CRAP!

It may be that next year it will be only public displays that are legal in New Zealand. The pros and cons are numerous but we will have to wait and see what comes of it.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Exciting Week

It's been an exciting week down here in New Zealand. Last Sunday i went to a holiday expo in the city to find out some great bargains. In fact i didnt find that many! All the holidays were to be taken in mid 2008. In the end i left not finding anything to exciting.

.....until yesterday.

I was searching through the airline websites when i found a really cheap flight going from New Zealand to Vancouver, Canada. The price was crazily cheap! I checked it out thoroughly to check for taxes and surcharges. Voila, the ticket was still cheap......As a consequence, i have booked another holiday to Vancouver....leaving in two weeks time! Im now working every available hour and overtime hour to get the spending money. It's gonna be a busy two weeks running up to my trip.

I hope everyone had a great halloween yesterday. Here it was dead quiet and i still dont think we have taken up the idea of it yet. I saw a couple of people dressed up in the street but there were no trick or treaters. I see the big halloween event in San Francisco was canned this year. Such a shame as it was such a good tradition.