Thursday, October 25, 2007

Channel Surfing

I was channel surfing on the TV last night when i came across an American game show called 'Smarter Than a 4th Grader'. I dont know whether anyone has seen it but it basically consists of one contestant who gets some assistance from a 4th grader to answer questions. The contestant wins money for right answers. In the middle of all this the contestant gets OVERLY excited over exaggerating hand movements, shock and disbelief. He/She also gets to do a lot of Waaaaaaahooooo's, hand clapping, dancing and hi 5's......Quite frankly i could not believe how over excited these contestants got. For one brief moment i thought it was just an American thing....

.....But oh no......

After the show, i saw the ad for the New Zealand version of the show. It's called 'Smarter Than A 10 Year Old'. The theme music is essentially the same but the song has been edited to say 10 year old instead of 4th grader. Dont get me wrong but New Zealanders are a lot more reserved than Americans (there's our British heritage coming out there) but to see NZer's getting over excited about answering a question then doing a dance to celebrate followed by a scream followed by a hi 5 is so staged and un-New Zealand like that it's incredible. In fact i cringe!

I wonder how successful this show will be.

Monday, October 22, 2007


I am now almost recovered from my jetlag. Im still waking earlier than usual but it's a bonus as it makes my day longer.

Today has been a public holiday. It's been Labour Day. We took the opportunity to have a look at the shop sales that have taken advantage of the holiday. I didnt buy anything as there wasnt really anything i need. I have to be in the mood to shop. I'm not sure what it is but when i'm in the mood i can buy up half the shop but that mood is very rare. Most of the time i can go to the shops to buy some clothes, see nothing i like and thus come home empty handed.

However, in England i did buy a few things. For a start i loved their supermarkets. Strange i know! Every supermarket had a great selection of food which was very different to home. Somethings were cheaper and some more expensive. I especially loved Cherry Coke and Coke with orange. Im not a big Coke drinker but those flavours could turn me...
I also got some clothes: socks, a shirt, a jacket, 2 jerseys. All appear very English to me but i dont know why. Clothing seemed a lot more cheaper in England.

I also had the pleasure of meeting up with an English blogger. Dave, thanks for showing me around London. It was great to meet you. If ever you are over this part of the world make sure you call in. I sincerely hope we will meet up again.

I also had the pleasure of meeting An Australian blogger also on holiday in London. Monty, It was great to meet you too. Enjoy the rest of your holiday and im going to have to go across the ditch sometime to see Sydney.

I will return to London sometime. I really hope it will be sooner rather than later.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Back from London

I returned from London late on Thursday. I have had an awesome time. The weather was amazingly mild and the sun was shining. I saw the sites and met up with two amazing bloggers. I got lots of shopping done and even got to visit France even if it was just for the day.

I am now trying to recover from jetlag. My body doesnt know what time it is on at the moment. I was awake for all the flight home as i can NEVER sleep on aeroplanes. Thankfully i have the weekend to recover and also Monday which is a public holiday here. It's back to work for me on Tuesday though.

I will have to blog more later as im so tired now and desperately trying to stay up until 9.30pm (It's 8.35pm now!)

I will give the answers to the quiz i left you tomorrow.

Hugs to all.