Thursday, September 14, 2006

meteor hits NZ

It's been an interesting week here in New Zealand. First a meteor hits the atmosphere on Monday causing a sonic boom which rattles half of the South Island and gets people reporting bright lights in the sky and a massive explosion which people thought was a plane exploding in mid-air. All this happened at 2.55pm and i was so busy in a basement that i missed all the fun. From what a few of my friends say, it shook a few buildings and caused a stir so that sort of spruced up the start of the week.

Yesterday the leader of the right wing opposition party has been exposed as having an affair with a big business lady. He has now gone to ground and has taken a weeks leave. To make it worse for him it was a membe rof his own party that exposed it! It must be his (un)popularity that makes him so attractive to women because im sure it cannot be his looks.

My week for me has been pretty good. A quiet week workwise and now it's Thursday i have decided to take Friday off. Im going to go mall shopping tonight and might take in 2 or 3 malls. Im not too sure what im going to buy (if anything) but it's good chill out time.

I've got a bit of an abercrombie and Fitch phase on at the moment. I was in USA a couple of weeks ago and got a few polo's. I love their cologne as well. Any of you guys know where I can get some good cheap abercrombie stuff on the net?

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Weekend 2

Now i dont know what has happened to my previous post! I posted it earlier today but it hasnt appeared. Oops i hope it hasnt appeared on someones comments page.

Well today has been a great weekend weatherwise. Spring has definitely arrived here in New Zealand. We had sushi for lunch today before heading off towards Borders. I love the assortment of gay magazines there and the other books also get a bit of a look-in eventually. I hope that they open a cafe in Borders here like they do elsewhere but nothing has arose yet.

Has anyone seen buttboys blog page. It's great. I suggest you take a look. Great pics.