Thursday, August 31, 2006


I have been to America for a week. A great time and now im back to

Friday, August 18, 2006


Yeeeee it's Friday! The weekend is here and the weather is gonig to be great. No work for me this weekend but im not sure of my plans just yet. Today has been another day like summer. I fear though that a return to winter is not far away.

Today i got a new haircut. I asked for my hair to be cut like Brad Pitt's but im not sure if it works.

I have been to the mall again tonight and again I spent nothing so im getting good!

Thursday, August 17, 2006


Hey guys
It looks like spring is on its way.! The daffodils have popped out the ground and it should be a week or so before they get in bloom. Im not really into flowers but there is something nice about daffodils signifying spring. Of course Daffodil Day is less than 10 days away where we can get to donate money to the cancer society under their daffodil symbol.

It's been another beautiful day outside. I have been to the shopping mall tonight. It's late night shopping but i didnt buy anything which was good. Im getting a frugil man lately...or should i say tight!

Wednesday, August 16, 2006


Today was another treat day foodwise for me. Me and my partner went out to get a subway sandwich. We had a coupon that allowed us to get two sandwiches for the price of one so that is what we got. It was one of their new boneless pork barbecue ones. I could only take the six inch!! I think Spring is breaking here in New Zealand with a great sunny day today and almost warm.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Finding out a name

Today has been one of those days of discovery. Have you ever had a play around with a guy and never asked his name? You kind of wonder what name would fit him. Well today i found out the name of one such guy. He was n the newspaper. Now im not going to divulge his name but what i can say is that i have never laughed so loudly. I can now imagine how he must have been bullied and indeed why he is gay.

Today has generally been quiet for me. I am so tempted to take a sick day from work tomorrow. I think i need the rest.

Im off to take a look in the supermarket. Tuesday is the day that the cute boys go shopping!

Monday, August 14, 2006

Sunshine and Showers

Dont you just dislike those days when the weather just doesnt know what it wants to do? Well today was one of them. You plan to go out because there's a sunny patch and you get 5 minutes out of the door and it gushes down. Well i guess i didnt do too bad....I only got wet twice today.

I been out to KFC again tonight. Still got no idea how long it takes from chickens slaughter untill it reaches the customer in there!

Sunday, August 13, 2006

KFC Tonight

Tonight has been KFC for tea. Who can beat a Snack burger combo for only NZ$4.50? A new Re-fitted KFC store has opened just down the road and it's seen business quadruple by the looks of it. The car park and dine in was full. It's always great to have an unhealthy meal every now and then.

Are there any KFC workers out there that can answer this question.......How long is it from the chicken being slaughtered until it reaches the customer?

Coca-Cola (Flavours)

Have any of you guys been trying the new flavours in the Coca Cola range?

Here in New Zealand we have had Coca-Cola Vanilla, Coca-Cola Raspberry and Coca-Cola Citra. They have now atarted to withdraw them as it is now only possible to get them from one supermarket only.

Have any of you guys got these flavoured Coca-Cola drinks or any different ones I havent heard of?

By the way my favourite flavour is definitely Coca-Cola Vanilla.

Hi Everyone,

It's Sunday morning here in New Zealand. The movie last night 'The Worlds Fastest Indian' was much better than i was expecting so if you havent seen it then i recommend it!

Now what's my plans for the day? Well im going for lunch with my boyfriends mother in the city. We are going to a small cafe. Im not sure what food they have to satisfy the stomach as all i remember seeing when i was last there was salad sort of stuff. Oh well at least it's healthy!

Right, im off to shower and get myself looking irresistable.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Blog Day ONE

Hello to all.

First thanks for reading my blog. As i said earlier I am really new to this so i hope i will get things right. I aim to give you all an insight to my boring daily life hoping that someone will find it interesting.

Now the times are wrong on this blog as it is now Saturday Night here in New Zealand and Friday in America.

My boyfriend has been eagerly putting on a neocounter on this site for me. It tells me who has visited the site and from where. It should be interesting seeing where you are all from. The neocounter was free so i just had to get it!

I will be getting some pics put on here soon so keep a look out.

I have been to work for two hours this morning. Yes i do work some weekends but very rarely. Im a shiftworker so my body clock gets a bit screwed up sometimes but as least i miss the rush hour traffic.

Tonight im going to watch the DVD 'The Worlds Fastest Indian'. It's a good New Zealand based movie with the actor Anthony Hopkins trying to do a kiwi accent that he just doesnt quite pull off! Anyways i will let you know what i think if it later. Anyone seen it? Tell me what you think.

It is supposed to be a cold weekend here but so far we are missing it. I hate winter. I just cant wait for the better weather in November.

Ok, im off to the DVD shop to hire the DVD.

Welcome, my first entry

Hi guys,
Well this is my first ever blog. I'm not sure how easy it is going to be but im going to be posting on a regular (possibly daily) basis.

Im a gay guy based in New Zealand.