Monday, June 30, 2008

Spain v Germany

So Spain have beaten Germany 1-0 in the soccer Euro 2008 finals which were held in Austria/Switzerland. If any of the team are reading this, can i come across and help you celebrate (in the showers). Im willing to scrub your backs (and sacks)

Get back to me boys, I'm anxiously awaiting your e-mails.

PS, I wont go to the papers ;)

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Oh la la

Why is it that French men drive me wild?

Is it their je ne sais pas or is it there perceived arrogance or simply their dark looks. Is it their masculine smell or their mysterious smile? What it is, i dont know but it drives me wild.! I always get that recurring dream of being sweeped off my kiwi feet by a 6ft2 dark haired Frenchman with his alluring brown eyes staring into my eyes saying how much he loves me (in French) before he decides to cook me a French meal and feeds me wine. Afterwards he completes the perfect evening by......stripping me naked and having his French way with me!

I was restricting myself to this French fantasy man but i have just realised, it would be all so good if this Frenchman was German, Spanish, Portuguese or Serbian! You see im not fussy, he just has to be European!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I think im back after my summer break!

I have been so busy enjoying the boys without their shirts that i've forgotten to blog!

It's now well and truely winter and im shivering. A southerly storm has worked its way up the country today bring hail and snow and although we missed the snow in the city today we certainly got the hail. So i have dug out my winter woolies and my scarf and huddling around the fire to get warm.

Will try and post more tomorrow.