Saturday, July 12, 2008

Cut or Uncut?

I read with interest how many guys wont go near a guy depending on whether their penis has been circumcised or not!

I read in personal columns that 'My ideal man has to have a car, strong work ethic and must be circumcised.'

I read on internet dating sites that 'I will only blow an uncut cock'

Isnt a penis a penis, as long as it hits the spot!

Perhaps there is something i havent learnt about the good old penis (and believe me i've learnt a thing or three).

As an uncut guy, am i missing out on anything through not being cut. Do enlighten me if anyone knows?

Saturday, July 05, 2008

What a day.

All i can say is what a day!

I wakes up this morning to a freezing winters day of 7c. I gets ready to go out to the city on foot. I get halfway to the city when the weather changes. The wind gets up, it starts to rain and within half an hour the temperature drops to 1c. The rain changes to snow and a blizzard occurs. All this while im walking to the city!!!

It has been intermittently snowing and raining for most of the day and winter has produced some snow for us. I spent most of the day in the city Starbucks in order to dry off and as most of the city had been sent home because of the appaling storm, the city centre was dead and thus, i more or less had Starbucks to myself. Just me and a few Japanese and German tourists!

I arrived home this evening and i've been struggling to get the house warm. It's just so cold outside with the sleet still falling and a bone chilling cold. I hope the storm clears soon and we get back to our temperate temperatures (either that or im moving North.)

Stay warm (not a problem for people in the northern hemisphere at the moment!)

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

A restful day

I've just chilled out at home today not doing too much. Just been wandering around the house doing a few chores including the washing up and cleaning the shower. I've think ive come down with a mild cold today so im gonna have to wrap up warm.